Working Together to Prevent Family Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

About Us

We are a community-based organization focused on developing a common, agreed-upon approach to preventing and responding to family violence throughout the Hampton Roads Region, including developing standard communication procedures and protocols among the participating parties as part of the effort to reduce family violence.  

Our Goals:

  • Maximize information sharing on domestic abuse cases, consistent with intent of the VA General Assembly
  • Establish an integrated approach to communication, information sharing, and treatment recommendations
  • Reduce the myths and misperceptions associated with inequities that exist between Navy and civilian resources by developing a team approach
  • Improve ongoing relationship with Hampton Roads City’s Domestic Violence Councils
  • Participate in Community Efforts
  • Improve working relationship between Peninsula, Southside, and North Carolina Directors of Department of Social Services, Chiefs of Police, School Superintendents, Judges, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Child and Domestic Violence Advocacy Center Directors inclusive of Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard counterparts
  • Obtain education on collaboration and integrating resources

Who are we?

People and Organizations "Working together to prevent family violence."

~Human Services and Military Family Services

~Military and Civilian Prevention and Treatment entities

~Civilian and Military Victim Advocate and Shelter entities

~City Managers and Military Leadership (Commanding Officers)

~Commonwealth Attorneys/Military Legal Heads, Chiefs of Police/Military Police Heads, Juvenile and Domestic Court Service Units, and Adult Court Service entities.